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You're viewing Punisher, The Cheat Codes

Game Name : Punisher, The
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2005-02-15 13:17:48
Views : 20104
Alternate cheat mode:
Create a new profile with V PIRATE as a case-sensitive name, including the space. All missions, challenge modes, punishment modes, armory, war journal stuff, comic covers, concept art, flashbacks, movies, skins and cheats will be unlocked.

Get points easy:
To achieve a high score, grab a human shield and use him. Shoot some enemies and try not to get hit. The longer you go without getting hit, the higher your points get. However, if you somehow get hit your points are rounded up and you must start again with not getting hit.

Cheat List
Enter cheats at extras option in the main menu:

2000 skin: CEILINGFAN
1990 skin: WOODCHIPPER
1980 skin: NAILGUN

Unlock Comic covers:
Complete challenge and punishment modes to unlock all comic covers.

Funeral home:
When you reach the funeral home level, do not jump up and just shoot everyone. If you get out of the casket and do a quick kill on everyone in the room, you will earn a lot more points. You should keep one of them alive to use as a human
shield. None of them have guns in that room.

More Cheats:
Get a gold medal rank on the indicated level to unlock the corresponding cheat in an apartment sub-menu. Note: You cannot progress in the game if any cheats are enabled.

Crazy Deaths: Lucky's Bar level
Gun Splitters: Crack House
Unlimited Ammo: Pier 74 Revisited
Invulnerability: All levels
No Reloads: Stark Towers
One Shot Kills: Ryker's Island
Unlimited Slaughter: Takagi Building

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