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Game Name : Halo
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2004-09-12 22:19:54
Views : 78972
Driving Warthogs
When driving a warthog before you drive off a cliff spin right away to the side and the warthog won't tip but will stay horizontal and land from and height. (this won't work if the cliff goes off that certain level).

Also when turning to make a perfect turn, only do lots of little movements on the right thumb stick. Do this so that the warthog doesn't skid out from big turns and you can control it better.

Secret Cave
There is in level 5 a secret cave at the button of the map entrance. It comes out on the side where they are not expecting a side attack from that side and it shall be easier.

New Ending
Finish the game using legendary difficulty setting in Campaign Mode

Plasma Grenade
If your going to use a plasma grenade, try throwing the grenade on the alien where it sticks onto them. It will blow up on them making sure it will kill the alien. Also the aliens can do this to you if you don't move.

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