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Newest SNES Cheat Codes
  Game NameSysten
1Super BikkurimanSNES
2Super Star Wars : The Empire Strikes BackSNES
3Kirby's Dream CourseSNES
4Super Gussun OyoyoSNES
5Do Re Mi Fantasy : Milon no DokiDoki DaiboukenSNES
6Lawnmower Man, TheSNES
7Ghouls 'n' GhostsSNES
8The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja SNES
9Las Vegas DreamSNES
10Skuljagger : Revolt Of The WesticansSNES

Most Popular SNES Cheat Codes
  Game NameSysten
1Lufia 2SNES
2Zelda : A Link To The PastSNES
3Mortal Kombat 2SNES
4Mortal Kombat 3SNES
5Mortal KombatSNES
6Seiken Densetsu 3SNES
77th SagaSNES
8U.N. SquadronSNES
9Super Mario RPG : Legend of the Seven StarsSNES
10Contra 3 The Alien WarsSNES

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